Gov. Sanford called "an attractive political candidate" for president

The bit about Sanford is at the 4:36 mark.

Our Governor Mark Sanford was called "an attractive political candidate" for president by Newsweek columnist Howard Fineman on MSNBC's political commentary show "Hardball."

Read more stories on this subject in our Gov. Mark Sanford topic page.But The Anderson Independent-Mail says while there's a lot to like about Sanford, there's also a lot not to. In part:
But as unemployment has soared in the state, tax revenues have fallen and budget cutbacks have crippled government agencies, he has struggled to broker action plans to help ease the state’s economic crisis. At a time when South Carolina is struggling, Gov. Sanford is apparently focusing on his national prospects by getting elected head of the Republican Governor’s Association, having his staff churn out press releases and writing op-ed pieces for national newspapers about why bailouts are a bad idea.

Go read all about it at The Anderson Independent-Mail.

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