Gov. Sanford may yet be VP nominee

Image by SCGovernor.comImage by 20080616sanford.jpg Gov. Sanford, out of the woods and into the White House? Maybe yet.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Gov. Mark Sanford might still have a chance of being McCain's running mate. Or at least one analyst thinks so.

Marc Ambinder, an Atlantic associate editor, writes:
Because Mark Sanford refused to endorse John McCain ahead of the 2008 South Carolina presidential primary, conventional wisdom mongers have all but ruled out his chances at becoming the Republican vice presidential nominee.

... all the information I have suggests that McCain does not hold a grudge against Sanford. As a national Republican figure, Sanford has kept his profile low, but he has started to increase his visibility.

Ambinder seems to think that Sanford is far from down, and is only starting his campaign to be on the 2008 GOP presidential ticket.

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