Haley's MUSC reappointment raises diversity concerns

Image by Flickr user maryaustinphoto

Governor Nikki Haley is catching flack for her decision to replace Dr. Paula Orr, the only woman and only black on the Medical University of South Carolina's Board of Trustees.

Rep. Wendell Gilliard and Sen. Robert Ford, both black Democrats, have spoken out against the decision by calling it a "disappointment" that Haley would limit minority representation on the board. Many other black representatives are displeased as well. The Post and Courier reports that Rep. Bill Clyburn, a chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, wants to meet with Haley to talk about her plans for diversity.

Despite the backlash, Haley, a minority herself, clearly has the right to appoint whomever she feels is the most qualified person for the position.

We'll keep an eye on this developing issue, but for now, The Post and Courier has the most complete coverage.

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