Ketner v. Brown picks up steam and heat

Update October 29: The Post and Courier reports on a minor fuss over whether Ketner had pledged not to take money from political action committees. Go read it.

Original post: With under two weeks to go to election day, the close battles are turning a bit nastier. And for once, we're not talking about McCain and Obama. This time it's the battle between Democrat Linda Ketner and incumbent Republican Henry Brown.

If you've been hearing radio or T.V. attack spots coming from either candidate, The Post and Courier has done a good job of sorting out fact, fiction, and why. But that article doesn't have too much else to offer, so I'd steer clear unless you feel you need to get your facts straight.

Oh, and hop over to our past coverage for more on the basics of this battle for the Charleston-Myrtle Beach U.S. House seat.

Update October 30: Live 5 News has piped up with their own reporting on the ads.

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