Looks like we're in for more of the same in the 2nd District

Image by 20090916-district.jpg The 2nd District.

So I really want to stop talking about this whole Joe WIlson thing, but darn it if folks won't stop writing insightful things about it.

Brad Warthen has penned two more interesting pieces, the first talks a bit about how much more interesting Bob Inglis has become in voting with the Democrats on action against Wilson; read it here.

But his second piece is a bit more interesting, even if you never really cared about the "You lie!" business.

Warthen does a pretty good job of arguing that the political turmoil surrounding Wilson has guaranteed that we'll see no interesting candidates running for South Carolina's 2nd District.

In part: 

Our chance to improve the quality of representation in the 2nd District has been blown away by this hurricane of money — a hurricane driven entirely by the mutually-supporting partisan spin cycles of the two parties, and NOT by the interests of the people of the 2nd District.

Indeed, I can't think of many local candidates that want to get caught between the crossfire of several million dollars of campaign money.

Check out Warthen's whole piece.

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