McMaster joins 12 attorneys general in filing suit against health care overhaul

Image by S.C. Attorney General

The Associated Press reports today that the Obama camp says it isn't worried that 13 state attorneys general, including South Carolina's Henry McMaster, are suing to overturn the massive health care overhaul.

S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster, who also is running for Republican nomination for governor, said the lawsuit was necessary to protect the state's sovereignty.

In a press release McMaster is quoted as saying:

"Today, South Carolina has joined twelve other states in filing a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the national health care law signed by President Obama.

The key question involved is whether personal freedom, state sovereignty, and constitutional law will survive in America for future generations.

A legal challenge by the States appears to be the only hope of protecting the American people from this unprecedented attack on our system of government.”

The $938 billion health care bill, which Democrats pushed through Congress without GOP support, has polarized the two parties.

To read the full article, make your way over to The Post and Courier. You can read the whole lawsuit here.

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