P&C: The governor's office needs more power to fix S.C.

In an unsigned editorial, The Post and Courier argues to give the governor's office more power in South Carolina.

An excerpt:
South Carolina's financial difficulties give new reason to advance reform measures that give more authority to the state's chief executive. Enlarging the governor's Cabinet would add accountability and limit duplication. The governor should be provided the scope to shake up, streamline and fine-tune agencies as warranted.

I think it's a fairly well established fact that South Carolina has one of the most power-stricken governor's offices. I think it's also fairly well accepted that South Carolina needs a pretty radical departure from "business as usual" to get to where it needs to be.

Come 2010 Governor Sanford's term expires, and electing someone new won't change much unless they have the power to act as more than a figurehead.

The Post and Courier's piece does a pretty solid argument arguing for more control by the governor's office, go check it out.

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