Plans for high-tech magnet program still idling

Image by flickr user ecastroImage by 20080710school.jpg Getting a high-tech school is proving more challenging than getting a tech room tidy.

Plans to have a school using a high-tech magnet program seem to be delayed another year. Years of talk seem to have amounted to little, with folks now hopping the Lowcountry Tech High could come to our Peninsula in 2010.

But school board officials are coming under increasing presure to get the school started, but they site a lack of funds as a major hurdle to getting the school started.

The Newsless Courier rips into the Charleston County School District for the situation:
The outlines of the intended program and the sources of its funding, not to speak of the population from which it would draw students, were always so nebulous that it was obvious from the beginning that 75 Calhoun used it as a ploy to explain why the Charter School for Math and Science (CSMS) couldn't have access to the Rivers building. That didn't work. Now comes Tuesday's P & C's report that the so-unimaginatively-named Lowcountry Tech High is on hold.

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