S.C. congressmen discuss health care reform, show differing opinions

Image by Flickr user Truthout.org

On Monday afternoon, two of South Carolina's most well known congressmen, Joe Wilson and Jim Clyburn, held events at which they expressed their stance on the new health care reform.

The two men vocalized their respective views and naturally, each say they're looking out for their constituents and representing their core values. As expected, Clyburn, a Democrat and Wilson, a Republican, have stark contrasts in their views of the new bill.

So who is serving the best interest?

South Carolina officials are among the country's most vocal critics of the new health care law, and some, such as Attorney General Henry McMaster and Charleston Rep. Tim Scott, are working to block its implementation.

The Post and Courier has coverage of both Clyburn and Wilson's stances on the bill as well as a glimpse into the state's overall reaction.

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