Community concerned about downtown's dilapidated eyesores

Image by Flickr user vistavision

Most of the time, when people think about downtown Charleston, they imagine the picture-perfect homes and polished buildings. However, residents know of the less-than-perfect side of downtown: the one that's rundown and decaying.

Some of the homes and buildings downtown are crumbling and dilapidated, which isn't only aesthetically unpleasing but also potentially dangerous. However, it seems as though nothing is being done about these hazardous structures--at least, to community leaders such as Westside Neighborhood President Arthur Lawrence, who said, "It's out of sight, out of mind. It wouldn't happen on Broad street, it wouldn't happen in the tourist areas but why should it happen in the community where people live and work every day?"

However, others state that the city is working to take care of these decaying buildings. Director of City Planning Tim Keane said, "I'll guarantee you any property that is vacant in the city we're working on right now."

But there are roadblocks that keep the city from tearing down delapidated homes. "We got to make the property safe but these are privately owned properties and these owners do have rights," says Keane.

Get the full scoop on the concern--and what's being done about it--over at Live 5 News.

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