The Myrtle Beach housing boom of the last decade

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It's no secret, there was a lot of homes, apartments and condos built this past decade. If a tourist who hasn't been to the Grand Strand since '99 came today they hardly recognize our little 60 mile stretch of land.

Thanks to new data recently released from the census we now know exactly how many housing developments were built from 200-2010. Almost 64,000 housing units -including condos, apartments and homes- were built. That number is almost double from the prior, 1990-1999 decade.

The question of over-building has been raised over the past few years, but according to real estate analysis, Tom Maese of the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors that issue has all since been resolved. 

The Sun News has the full story; a great write-up filled with lots of numbers and facts, including an explanation as to why it seems that us coastal dwellers seem to have a higher housing vacancy rate than the rest of the state.


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