Plans for Charleston's development over the next ten years (update: plans revised)

Image by City of Charleston

Update February 9: Charleston City Council approved yesterday a handful of revisions in the Century V plan which plots out the city's development over the next decade.

In the revisions are plans for:

  • New bike paths 
  • Support for more community gardens, urban agriculture and small-animal husbandry 
  • The use of native plant species, more trees, the protection of farm-quality soils and measures to reduce stormwater runoff 
  • Language about the new cruise ship terminal courtesy of the SPA

The Post and Courier has comprehensive report on the Century V revisions; read it here.

First reporting: The City of Charleston has released the Century V plan which is meant to guide planning and development decisions through the next decade.

Big points of development included in the ten year plan are the Cainhoy peninsula, Spring and Cannon streets and little urban areas in the suburbs.

I could jabber away, but instead, hop over to the City of Charleston website for the full plan, or hop over to The Post and Courier for a condensed version.

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