Dozens of Charleston flights canceled after weather, technology combine; But things seem better today

Image by Flickr user corygrunk Curse the weather, and technology.

Thursday was not a good day for those flying into or out of the Charleston International Airport. 

The airport recorded the most canceled incoming flights in the nation and came second only Chicago's O'Hare for the number of canceled departures — that's 21 canceled incoming flights, and 17 outgoing. And that's not counting the 8 canceled outgoing flights from today already. 

Blame it on the weather, and faulty equipment.

A fog that rolled in obscured the runway and a radar-assisted landing technology stopped working, which meant many a traveller was left unhappy. 

On the upside, officials thought it may take until mid-day today to get flights back up, but it appears many flights are flying in and out again, though if I had a flight today, I'd be checking with my airline as there are still several canceled flights

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