Jellyfish stings on the up, up, and up in Charleston (update: Portuguese man o' war)

Image by Flickr user llediehr

Update August 3: And the stings have largely continued along with the warmer water temperatures. Also new are more confirmed spottings of the potent Portuguese man o' war.

The Post and Courier has a nice report on what's new; read it here.

Live 5 News has a slightly less up-to-date but nice video.

First reporting August 1: Hard to say just why there are so many more jellyfish in the waters off South Carolina's coast in recent weeks, but they're there and stinging about 100 people a day.

On the less-bad side, the stings don't usually persist too long, especially if you brought some vinegar along.

The Post and Courier has a nice rundown on what folks have been experiencing; read their story here.

ABC News has some good tips on what to do if stung -- oh, and skip the peeing on the wound, seems that one's known not to work.

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