Oil prices blunting road projects

Image by flickr user rickImage by 20080617roadwork.jpg Not only do roadwork machines run off expensive oil, a primary part of asphalt is crude oil.

It shouldn't come as much surprise but the rising price of oil is really hindering our ability to pave roads.

The already-cash strapped S.C. Department of Transportation says the cost to pave a mile of road has risen to $100,000, about $30,000 more than this time last year. And we're already seeing side effects, Live 5 News reports:
The portion of Lockwood Blvd. that leads to Joe Riley Stadium was re-paved just a few weeks ago. The plan was to extend the re pavement along to Lockwood Drive but because of the crunch cuts had to be made so the re-pavement of the other side of Lockwood Drive will have to wait.

SCDOT uses a scale system to decided which roads need the most urgent attention. Parts of U.S. Highway 78 and S.C. Highway 61 were cut from the list this year as well.

Not only do SCDOT's vehicle need fuel to run, crude oil is also used to create the asphalt for paving roads.

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