Book offers visual history of East Cooper

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"East Cooper: A Maritime Heritage" offers a visual record of the waters and its people that have played such a pivitol role in the region's history.

From the publisher's Web site:
The stretch of land known as “East of the Cooper,” featuring the charming town of Mount Pleasant, is interwoven with innumerable waterways; these waters pulsate with the ebb and flow of tides like a network of arteries, veins, and capillaries connecting to the living heart that is the sea. Mount Pleasant’s location on the Charleston harbor and its deep water access has ensured that the sea has played a major role in the lives of its residents, providing thriving maritime industries that are at once historic and contemporary. East Cooper: A Maritime Heritage is a celebration of those industries and the families and vessels that have contributed to this vital part of Lowcountry culture. Throughout history, indigenous peoples, colonists, plantation owners, and seafood industry entrepreneurs have traversed the miles of rivers, marshy creeks, and coastlines of the East Cooper area. This collection of images demonstrates the ingenuity and artistry of these people whose descendants shared their pasts with the authors as generously as their ancestors shared their skills and intimate relationships with the local waters.

The book is authored by Tressy Mellichamp and Lily Weaks, 128 pages. Price: $20 list, $15.59 Amazon.

Arcadia Publishing offers slim, visually oriented books that tend to document the history of a region and its people, they offer 115 books covering various parts of South Carolina.

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