Cause of fatal biplane crash changed to 'unkown'

Image by Flickr user anttlerImage by 20081206-pt-17.jpg The plane was used heavily for training during World War II.

On Friday night the cause behind the crash of a World War II-era plane in May 2007 came to as much of conclusion as it ever may.

Officially the cause of the crash of the 1943 Boeing Stearman PT-17 changed from "accidental" to "unknown," but suspicions swirled that the cause of death for the two experienced pilots may have been intentional. The Associated Press writes:
Adams [a friend of the pair] said he returned to [the pilots'] house after the accident and saw a stack of papers with notes telling what to do with them.

In the bedroom, he said, Powers left out his will and living will.

“I had the strangest feeling that this was planned out,” he said, adding he hoped the inquest would prove him wrong.

There's a couple of write-ups out there, but I generally prefer The Associated Press's.

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