Child dead near Georgetown after backed into by sister's vehicle

A five-year-old is dead after he was backed into by a van his 17-year-old sister was driving. The incident happened in a rural area between Georgetown and Myrtle Beach, in the Carvers Bay area.

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It's hard to say what exactly happened, but it looks like it might be a horribly perfect storm.

There's a few very short write-ups out there, but right now The Georgetown Times seems to have the best. An excerpt:

“He was playing on a swing set and his 17-year-old sister was backing their minivan up to wash it,” Johnson said. “At some point he jumped off the swing and started running towards his sister.”

Johnson said the van struck Cole causing multiple trauma and internal injuries.

“She didn’t see him,” Johnson said of Cole’s sister.

Go read the whole story.

I vaguely recall a similar incident down in Jasper County a few years back ... pretty tragic.

There will be updates in the morning, and we'll connect you.

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