Citadel tuition rises

Original story: It's official, tuition is rising. From the Citadel's Web site: "Mandatory fees, which include registration, tuition, college fees and athletic fees, will increase from $7,735 to $8,428 (9 percent) for in-state cadets and from $19,291 to $21,031 (9 percent) for out-of-state cadets."

Original story: Citadel cadets will likely face a 9 percent tuition increase after a Board of Visitors' committee approved the hike.

Tuition for in-state students would be $8,428, up from $7,735 last year. Out-of-state students would pay $21,031. Last year, tuition was raised about 7.4 percent.

The full board must approve the recommendation Saturday.

Earlier this week, the College of Charleston approved an 8 percent tuition hike.

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