City working on free shuttle service for shoppers, diners (update: Council advances plan)

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Update October 14:

The Charleston Regional Business Journal has the good word that the Charleston City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of establishing a free public shuttle system in downtown Charleston.

They've also got some numbers on how much the free shuttle service will cost: $416,000 per year, though the actual price tag will be slightly lower  for the first year because of the Nov. 22 start date.  

Pop over to the post for more on the proposed plan that is swiftly taking shape.

First reporting:

Downtown Charleston may be getting a free shuttle service that would haul shoppers, diners and tourists around and through the heart of the city's main business district.

The plan, which is still awaiting approval from City Council, is to merge two existing DASH routes into one and run the route about every 10 minutes or so. The route would run from Upper King Street to Broad Street, turn left on East Bay Street and then head back up Market Street and then shoot up Meeting Street. Need a visual? Looky here.

Mayor Riley's goal is to have the system running around the time that holiday shopping season kicks into high gear.

Sounds like a good idea to me, let's see how this one plays out.

In the meantime, read all about the free shuttle plan over in The Post and Courier.

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