Dalmation drama and the Myrtle Beach Fire Department

Grand Strand Humane Society on Facebook
Jake the Dalmation with his new owner and spotted sibling

The topic has been prominent in Myrtle Beach social media for the past week or more.  The Myrtle Beach Fire Deparmtent's dalmatian, Jake, was returned to the Grand Strand Humane Society and had to be re-homed.  It's shocking.  It's horrible.  How could they let this animal down?  But as it turns out, that depiction was spotted with inaccuracy.

In this letter to the Sun News editor by Myrtle Beach resident, Amy Winguard, the dog was deemed "dumped" by the firefighters.  She described how he wailed, seemingly due to a broken heart and the change of environment from the fire house to a crate.  She facilitated a new home for him in North Carolina and was praised on the Grand Strand Humane Society's Facebook page.

 I am so overwhelmed with joy about Jake. While he was our guest at Grand Strand Humane Society he lived right outside my office door. He cried continuously because his heart was broken being in a large crate - he broke my heart - he broke...the hearts of our staff and supporters, especially our dedicated supporter Amy Wingard. Amy is the one who got Jake on his trip to his new home and I can tell he is so happy. This is really a happy tails ending. Thank you Lee Peter, thank you Amy Wingard and much love to Jake. Sandy Brown

Myrtle Beach Fire Chief, Alvin Payne, subsequently took to the paper in his own letter to the editor defending the actions of his firefighters and setting the record straight.  He talks about his department's long history of dog ownership and how their care is paid for, talks about the reasons why Jake had been relieved of his fire house duties, and clarifies that it was not their decision to turn him back over to the Grand Strand Humane Society. 

Jake is now with in a new home in North Carolina, thanks to transportation provided by the Carolina Boxer Rescue.

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