Deadline for military opt-out for Horry County high school students

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Feeling nostalgic, I decided to look up when my high school's homecoming was this year and it turns out I was a little late as Socastee had it the week of September 23rd

While looking for homecoming information I stumbled across a press release from Horry County Schools:

Under the No Child Left Behind Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, military recruiters are entitled to receive the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of juniors and seniors in high school. If military recruiters are to be denied access to a student’s directory information, parents/guardians must provide written notification that specifically states that military access is to be denied for their child.

If you wish to deny the military access to your child’s information, please express your wishes in writing no later than October 14. You may fax your request to 843 488-6779, send it via email to, mail it to the Horry County Schools’ Office of Accountability & Information at P.O. Box 260005, Conway, SC 29528-6005. 

Directory information will be released to military recruiters on or about November 1.

The release goes on to direct parents to the Parent Student Handbook for more information. The excerpt in the Handbook basically rehashes the above press release, but there is a little nugget of new information at the end of the excerpt: "Requests are valid for one year and must be resubmitted annually."

To be clear, this is not a new requirement and has been around since the 2001 enaction of the No Child Left Behind Act. 

  • The deadline to opt-out is October 14th.
  • If you want to have your child's name and information withheld from military recruiters then fill out the form online.

If you would like for your child to join or look at the military as a career option, check out the links below:

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