Despite effectiveness, single-gender education is falling by the wayside

Image by Flickr user Dystopos

Despite it's popularity and the fact that more schools in South Carolina offer the option that anywhere else in the country, programs for single-gender education is falling by the wayside.

The South Carolina Department of Education released results from a survey that showed students, parents and teachers believe single-gender classes have a positive effect on students' attitudes and academic performance.

The across the board approval, however, has proven no match for statewide budget cuts and the elimination of nearly 4,000 teaching positions since 2008. A few years ago, 214 schools offered single-gender classes. This school year, only 125 schools uphold the program.

The Post and Courier has an article highlighting the results of the survey and the effectiveness of the program. Hop over and read how state officials weigh in, and what may be done to preserve single-gender education.

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