Don't fret over military activity today

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If you see numerous military jets today near Mount Pleasant, don't be alarmed: The military's just doing a communications exercise with the county.

From an e-mailed release (with clean-up edits):

Charleston County's Radio Communications is participating in "DICE" (Department of Defense Interoperability Communications Exercise) from 1-5 June at the Mt Pleasant Army National Guard Armory.

The DICE is part of a multi-state communications exercise coordinated by DHS and USNORTHCOM (United States Northern Command, a joint military...[Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corp] command responsible for North America).

Texas, Arizona and New Jersey are also participating.

Charleston County's Sheriff's Office Command Post and Air Support Unit will also be participating. We will have our Amateur Radio folks working out of the EOC. They will be passing info to the state EOC, FEMA, local hospitals, etc.

The main objective is to test, data (internet) and satellite. We will have our communications trailer, Sheriff's Office command post, state command post and several SCARNG communications vehicles at the armory.

We will be testing FMV (Full Motion Video) from F-16's out of McEntire Air National Guard Base in Columbia and the Sheriffs Office Helicopter The F-16's will be high enough to where it will not be noticeable. The F-16's will be flying on June 2 and June 4.

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