Homeless in Myrtle Beach, city council takes a stand

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Retired homeless fisherman

Over the past ten years there has been noticeable increase of homelessness along the Grand Strand. Many navigate to Myrtle Beach due it's relatively good climate and abundance of transit traffic and tourist population. The same industries that service our tourist population also lend aid to the homeless population as well.

With the increase in homelessness in Horry County, the City of Myrtle Beach has decided to take action. At last weeks city council meeting an official policy was put in place titled Resolution R2011-51. While this is just a preliminary step towards addressing the homeless issue two key points were spoke upon.

  • The creation of an umbrella organization to help coordinate the work of the 60 or so agencies that work with the homeless population throughout Horry County.
  • Aid needs to be targeted toward those "who are actively engaged in an effort to break free from the cycle of homelessness."

Over at The Sun News opinion blog Dan Golden has a good write up on why this is need in the Myrtle Beach area. Swing over to read for yourself.


We want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on homelessness in Horry County. Have you witnessed an increase? What steps do you think the city needs to do to address the issues? Sound off below. 

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