Horry County Schools looking good on budget (update: budget passed, taxes cut)

Photo by Helen Rickard

Update 6/14: The budget was unanimously passed and will result in property tax decrease and salary raises for school teachers.

The millage cut was almost twice as much as we expected. See The Sun News for the details.

Update 6/13: The Horry County School Board is meeting tonight and they will take public input before voting on the budget. Read more from The Sun News here.

A 2-mill property tax reduction is in the plan. According to the Horry County Assessors Office,  the current county millage rate is 186.6.

What's a "mill"? It's a way of saying one-thousandth just like percentage is like one-hundredth. Here's the trick to knowing what that means: move the decimal point once to the left to turn millage into a percentage: 18.6%.

Keep in mind, that percentage is based on assessed value. In Horry County, primary residences are assessed at 4%, secondary residences are 6%. Therefore, if your house is valued at $200,000 then your assessed value is 4%of that or $8000. If your millage rate is 186.6, then 18.6% of $8,000 is about $1488. A 2 mill reduction would make that $1328 or a savings of about $150 per year.

Clear as mud?

First Report 5/24: How's this for something different? The Horry County Schools budget is actually balanced well enough to bring a reduction to taxpayers and a possible salary increase for teachers.

The school board met this past Monday to discuss if it would be possible to increase teacher's salaries. Some parents attended the meeting to talk about the possible shake up in Carolina Forest. WBTW tells us what school officials had to say about both issues. Read it here.

You can view the monthly expenses of Horry County Schools on their website. The meeting minutes should be available on the Horry County Schools site soon.


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