I-26 construction: All lanes a go-go Sunday

Image by Flickr user brianjmatis The end is near...for I-26 roadwork.

Update October 15: The work was due to be done back in June, but we're sure I-26 commuters will be just as delighted when all lanes of the three-year widening of I-26 reopen this Sunday.

Well, at least, that's when they're supposed to be reopened.

I'll point you to ABC News 4's video on the good word; watch it here.

First reporting, August 2010: For those who make the daily commute this may come as a shock, but the roadwork on the stretch of I-26 between Ashley Phosphate and I-526 is three-quarters done and ahead of schedule.

The $66 million project, which began 24 months ago, has a deadline of June 18th, 2011. Crews are working hard to add a fourth lane in both directions, lay out new merging lanes near Remount Road and Aviation Avenue, finish the Aviation Avenue interchange and related bridge work and complete the Remount Road interchange.

It's obvious that finishing ahead of schedule is a good thing, but what you may not know is that there's a bonus of $8,000 a day for 60 days that kicks in for early completion.

The Post and Courier has a lengthy post on the ongoing construction as well as a map detailing the progress. You'll find them both here.

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