Local D-Day veteran hopes to reunite his fellow fighters

Image by Flickr user The U.S. Army

About 39,000 World War II-era vets live in South Carolina, and the opportunities for them to pass on their incredible stories are running out. With the WW II generation vets dying out at an estimated rate of more than 1,000 a day, take a moment today to remember them.

The Post and Courier had a chance to talk with one of the few remaining D-Day veterans still living in South Carolina, 84-year-old George Drury.

Enlisted at 17, Drury served in the Navy's landing craft corps that shuttle men and supplies to the French beaches on that fateful day. Drury hopes to reconnect with local D-Day veterans and share their experiences, but time and organization needed to coordinate such meetings is hard to come by. The Post and Courier has a bit of his story as well as his contact information to support his effort to reunite local D-Day veterans.

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