Navy trying to discharge Charleston sailor for sleepover (update: military relents)

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Update April 9: 21-year-old Stephen Jones will be able to stay in the Navy after the military dropped its efforts to discharge the sailor at the Goose Creek-located Naval Nuclear Power Training Command.

The change in direction comes after much media coverage — get the story update in this conglomerate report.

-Update by Ken Hawkins

First reporting March 7: A student at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Charleston is accusing the Navy of baselessly trying to discharge him for "unprofessional conduct" in an effort to get around the recent "don't ask, don't tell" repeal.

Navy Petty Officer Stephen Jones and another male sailor were found asleep in the same bed on February 5th by Jones' roommate. With no evidence of any sexual contact, the Navy is seeking to discharge him on the vague charge of "willful failure to exhibit professional conduct."

In addition to the vagueness, a Navy spokesman has acknowledged that no regulation specifically prohibits sailors from falling asleep in the same bed.

Jones is currently contesting the charges.

The Washington Post has a solid report on the case; read it at The Post and Courier here. CNN also has a solid report with a photo of the sailor; read that here.

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