New North Myrtle Beach Library now open (Update: Photos & Summer schedule)

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Update 5/19: Myrtle Beach Scene went and checked out the new Horry County Memorial Library in North Myrtle Beach, they snapped some photos and listed the Summer Reading program for kids (Preschool - 6th grade). Head on over to Myrtle Beach Scene to check it all out

First Report 5/9: The newest Library in Horry County had their soft opening this past Thursday, located in North Myrtle Beach this 20,000 square-foot Library is the nicest around.

The Library, located on 1st Avenue South in North Myrtle Beach -one street north of the Aquatic and Fitness Center is a huge step up from North Myrtle's old Library. In the planning stages for years, this $4 Million dollar monument to the printed word was only missing one thing. A budget.

In the years of planning, Horry County forgot to budget in the cost of having to hire more employees and due to that oversight area Libraries have had to change their hours of opperation. Workers from nearby Libraries are now heaving to help out the four full time employees at the new North Myrtle Beach location.

The Sun News has the full story, and a run down which local Libraries will be affected

Also, The Sun News has a great photo gallery of the new Library -a very open, modern design complete with surfboards!

I plan on heading over to the new Library in just a bit to pick up some information on all the new activities they plan to offer.


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