New system helps you stay informed, safe in emergencies

Image by flickr user xamad, staffImage by 20080625storm.jpg If there's danger around, Alert Charleston County knows; and it wants to tell you.

Charleston County has launched a new alert system called Alert Charleston County (imagine that, right?) that aims to keep people safe during emergencies by calling or texting people during an emergency situation.

You can sign up for the free program at their Web site.

From Alert Charleston County:
If activated by authorities during an emergency, Alert Charleston County will dial every listed land line phone number within the area affected. ... An option to receive emergency notifications via text messages on your cell phone is also available as part of the registration process.

From NBC News 2:
“It will allow you to register your cell phone, land line phone, business phone, also there is an option to receive texts based on an emergency situation,” explained Bill Tunick, County Director of Radio and Telecommunications.

Tunick says the new system allow them to alert more people, for instance the 15% to 20% of residents who have only cell phones.

The system will call any number you list if there is a chemical spill, fire, criminal on the loose or any other sort of emergency near the address you registered.

“That address could be your home address, your child’s school, it could be your business address, wherever the location is that you want to be notified in case of an emergency,” he explained.

The county's Web site has a section to answer common questions.

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