Powerball prices to double on January 15th

Flickr user Coco Mault

The price of a Powerball tickets in South Carolina will be going up on Sunday January 15, 2012 to $2 a ticket. 

The price increase is aimed at making higher jackpots and more millionaires.  South Carolina Education Lottery officials know the increase in prices will see more of the $100 million dollar payouts that seem to get people excited, and rope in those who don't normally play the lottery. 

Another change is a $1 million dollar prize for those who match all five white ball numbers on a single ticket, but who don't get the red Powerball number correctly. The old prize for this was $200,000. 

The Sun News has a write-up about the changes and how it may effect those who play the lottery regularly and are on a budget. They also have a poll asking, "Will you pay $2 for a Powerball ticket?"

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