S.C. DMV has new driver's licenses, state IDs (update: photo)

Update October 22: Well, there there's new license in all its glory.

Under 21 IDs will be rotated to a vertical format so they can be easily spotted.

The new cards will be available online by February 1, 2011 and they will be appearing in local offices by November of this year. According to the department, you do not need to replace your current driver’s license or identification card until it expires.

You can read all about the new card on the DMVs release page (check out the links on the bottom.)

The new licenses are not part of the Real ID program and contain no RFID chip.

Update October 21: Well folks, today is the day that the new South Carolina drivers licenses will be announced and the public will get a glimpse at these new and improved identification cards.

According to The Post and Courier, the DMV has refused to provide an example of the new licenses or explain the new security features prior to today's scheduled announcement.

Governor Mark Sanford and DMV Director Marcia Adams will be unveiling the new cards this morning; we'll be sure to keep you posted.

First reporting: The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has announced they'll be issuing more secure driver's license and state identification card come late September or early October.

This is the first upgrade to South Carolina's credentials since 1990.

According to The State. the new cards will have, "a new appearance to users, but more importantly, will come armed with three new levels of security built in."

Hop on over to The State to learn all about the new upgrades.

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