School budgets are tight, but administrators are doing just fine

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Until just a week ago the fear of lay offs, pay cuts and furloughs were high among Horry County School teachers. But thankfully a budget was secured and even may give the teachers raises.

With the threat of letting teachers go, it now comes to light that Horry County Schools Administrators have been making the big bucks, and there was never any talk of cutting their salaries. Horry County Schools is the third largest in the state, 87% of the budget goes to personnel. WMBF News has the complete list of administrators pay -so you can see how much, or how little, your High School Principal and teachers gets paid!

Make sure to head on over to WMBF News to read all the details, and watch their report below. We can't help but wonder why the lowest paid are always the ones to lose their jobs or be threatened with budget cuts? 

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