Smoke Free Horry educates and engages the community (Update: Smoke Free Center opens)

Vivian Chen


Update September 23rd:  Located in Myrtle Beach Mall, the new Smoke Free Center presents a campaign designed by Academy for Technology and Academics students for other students.

The center's mission is to inform about all forms of tobacco use and has educational kits that include a brochure, game, t-shirt and other promotional materials.  For more details about this new Smoke Free Center and what it can offer for anyone affected by addictive tobacco use, head on over to this thorough write-up by the Sun News

Update July 18th: It seems that there is confusion that Smoke Free Horry is a lobbying group for a smoking ban when they're actually just out to raise awareness. WMBF has more details.

First Report: Smoke Free Horry focuses on educating the public to the hazards of smoking and second hand smoke.

Claire Byun of The Sun News has a fantastically detailed story about this federally funded group and how they're using social media along with traditional marketing to engage Horry County. Read it here.

A group of Myrtle Beach area restaurant owners are also making an effort to promote their smoke free establishments. More information is here.



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