Storm Hanna: What you should be doing today

Image by Flickr user shimgrayImage by 20080903hurricanesupplies.jpg Have you been gathering supplies?

Though no calls have been made to evacuate (yet), and the storm is still several days away, and Hanna's still and "if": But if (there's that word again) you live near South Carolina's coast, there are still several things you could and probably should do today to get ready for the storm.

Here's several things to get you ready:
Plan an evacuation route, or leave town if you can. The roads are much better now than once an evacuation is ordered, plus you have a far better chance at getting a hotel in Orangeburg or Columbia (which are probably as far away as you need to evacuate).
Fill up your gas tank, get cash, and buy whatever you might need now. Same reasons as the above.
Print a copy of Charleston County's Hurricane Guide.
Prepare a disaster kit (food, water, batteries, radio, etc).
Get whatever you need to prepare your home (i.e. if you need sandbags, duct tape or boards for the windows, etc.)
Clean up your porch and yard.
If you have a chainsaw, make sure it's working and maybe take it with you, it really sucks when a tree limp is blocking the road or your driveway.
If the power does go out, don't open the fridge.
And as a cover-all, review our hurricane guide.

But, you don't have to take our word for it, see what ABC News 4, or The State, or Live 5 News has to say on the matter.

Now, if you'll excuse me, this writer needs to go make his own kit.

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