Unemployment continues to edge upward in South Carolina

12.3%: That's South Carolina's measure of unemployment for November 2009. It's up 0.3 points from October.

As you've likely guessed, it's a record.

On the upside, Charleston county had the fourth best unemployment in the state at a mere 9.7%. Dorchester was the 40th worst at 10.4% and Berkeley was number 35 at 11%. Allendale County was number one at 23%.

The increase is being contributed to a number of people returning to the workforce.

“We have seen an increase in the number of people returning to the workforce for the first time since May, and we will likely see the number of unemployed rise throughout the fall months. Going forward, extensive job creation in the private sector will be a key factor in lowering the state’s unemployment rate for the long term,” said Sam Foster, Interim Executive Director of the Commission.

Construction and hospitality job losses also pulled down the total number of jobs available. 

You can get all the gory details in the press release.

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