Woman bitten by alligator at Cypress Gardens (updated x2)

Update March 9 (old updated removed) : Live 5 News has a nice write-up and solid video. -- They note that Berkeley County took over the park in 1996 and this is the fist alligator attack.

Meanwhile, The Post and Courier has produced another report of the mutually surprised incident; read it here.

The paper also reminds of the incident last year when a man in Beaufort County lost an arm to a gator.

First reporting: Reports are coming that a husband and wife were walking at Cypress Gardens when the woman was bitten by the alligator. Information is scant, but NBC News 2 seems to have the best report at the moment.

Live 5 News' @kduprelive5tv tweeted that the victim was being air lifted out.

We'll be sure to connect you to the updates as they come.

The incident is surprising as alligators are usually quite lethargic until April when the weather warms more.

In late 2007 a man was badly injured by an alligator in nearby Lake Moultrie.

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