Sex Shops, Fake Drugs & High Schoolers: an update on synthetic weed in #MYR

A bag of Trainwreck Hayze brand of Potpourri blend.

update at the bottom...

First Report March 3rd, 2012: In October of last year, South Carolina touted the ban of fake marijuana that went by the name of K2 and Spice, among others, but it didn't take manufacturers long to switch to a formulation that wasn't illegal.

The packets on synthetic weed are once again widely available — but lawmakers and concerned parents are pushing for a tougher ban. Read about it at The Post and Courier.

One of the main concerns is that the synthetic weed uses compounds that may have unknown effects on humans, posing risks that real marijuana does not.

Update October 26th, 2012: At a local adult video store allegations of them allowing underage teens in to buy synthetic weed is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

WMBF News investigated claims by parents concerned over not only getting their hands on the legal weed but the disturbing part was what some teens agreed to do to get the drug. Parents alleged that store owners at a Celebrations, located in Little River, told teens that they could have the drug free if they would perform services in a back room through a glory hole

The story is pretty crazy and you can watch the broadcast over at, additionally you can read the letters concerned parents sent the station and a statement by Horry County Police Chief Rhodes has on the matter.