N. Myrtle Beach program helps lifeguards quickly find lost children on the beach

Flickr User: cackhanded

WMBF News has a great feature on a little known program that the City of North Myrtle Beach has offered for the past five years, wristbands for kids to help them from getting lost on the beach. 

The program which costs only $400 a year for 3,500 wristbands helps keep kids safe and easily found.

Here's how the program works via NMBpatrol.com

Beach Patrol officers supply lifeguards with plain wristbands and permanent markers. Wristbands are given to and secured upon request or upon observation by lifeguards to children and people with dementia, with the consent of their parents, legal guardians or caretakers. Lifeguards write the lifeguard tower number on the wristband to identify the base location. Parents are encouraged to write other information on the wristband as needed. Lifeguards then explain to children or people with dementia what to do if they get lost or cannot find their base location. As you can imagine, this explanation is an extremely critical part of the program. 

Make sure to hop on over to WMBF News for their write-up and broadcast and for more information head over to North Myrtle Beach Patrol's website