NMB High School joins lip dub craze (Update: officially viral)

Screen Cap: punkblocker13's YouTube page 

Update at bottom:

Students at North Myrtle Beach High School celebrated being back at school in a very special, and maybe, viral way. 

According to WPDE News Channel 15 the lip dub involved 1,400 students and was shot all in one take. The students and the principal were all involved in the video in which they lip-synced and danced to Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" and Taio Cruz's "Dynamite." 

The students say the hardest part was walking backwards and not running into anything. So far the video has over 2,000 views. Hop on over to CarolinaLive.com for their full story and broadcast, enjoy the North Myrtle's lip dub video directly below.

Update 8/27/12: The North Myrtle Beach lib dub video has officially gone viral (in our, hyper-local-book anyway) with over 11K views, which is pretty awesome. 

One of the most recent viral videos to come out of the area is of course the Shark Attack video that was filmed in Cherry Grove, that one went national with 9,751,061 views as of 11:45 this morning.

The hyper-local viral video of "Sh*t Chants Don't Say"has racked up 22,700 in seven months, it looks like the North Myrtle Beach High School video is sitting at about half that many views in just 7 days.

We said it before and we'll say it again, awesome job NBHS!