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We're not cheap, but we don't turn down an opportunity to save some coinage. That's why we think this discount, coupon book is probably the best around. 

The Myrtle Beach Promotions Ultimate Discount Fundraising Book is the best source for discounts along the Grand Strand.

Included in this book, are many 2-for-1 and 50% off Restaurant meals at well known places such as Waterscapes, Greg Norman’s and Barron’s. You will also find down home good food at Locals’ favorites like, Big E’s, Magoo’s and the Beaver Bar.

Golf  Course discounts as low as $30 for $18 holes, cart included.

Entertainment, Attractions and Things To Do at substantial savings.

The $25 price tag might scare you off, but if you eat out on a regular basis or want to get a round of golf or two in the book would probably pay for itself pretty quickly. And, to top it off, Myrtle Beach on the Cheap is donating portions of the proceeds to local charities. 

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Speaking of coupons:

Myrtle Beach Restaurant News has quite a few to offer. has a plethora.

Myrtle Beach Scene has some national coupons.

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