Digging a hole won't get you to China from #MYR

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"What are you doing, digging a hole to China?"

More than likely you've said those words or have them said to you in your lifetime. But as science and the smarty-pants among us will point out, it is impossible for many reasons - pressure, logistics, and the fact you would burn to nothingness before you even reached the liquid hot magma at the core of the Earth. 

But if you could dig all the way to the other side, where would you end up?

Thankfully, the Internet has come to the rescue! 

A site called Antipodes Map uses the power of Google Maps to show us exactly where we'd end up. And we, in Myrtle Beach, would end up a few thousand miles off the coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean - close, but no fortune cookie. 

Check out the map for yourself here

Fun fact, in England they say "Digging to Australia" and one of the earliest written use of the phrase was in 1850 by American author, poet, and philosopher Henry David Thoreau about a hole his neighbors were digging.

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