Go search for brainssss!!! at the Halloween Midnight Mystery Ride

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Update October 30:

Critical Mass is doing a ride, too.

First reporting:

The Midnight Mystery Ride is back in action on the Friday before Halloween, and this mystery bike ride has picked up a fitting title "Undead Midnight Mystery Ride."

Aside from my inane questions (like: Aren't the undead not particularly agile and therefore more walkers than bike riders?) it looks like this should be fun, and could well be the last one before Spring.

Don't know about the mystery rides? The deal is bicyclers gather in mass and pedal to an undisclosed location. It's part bike advocacy and part just plain fun.

It starts at Burns Alley behind Five Guys and University Bookstore on King Street at 11 on Friday, October 30.

Hop over to the Facebook event page for all the details.

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