Husband smacked for refusing sex with wife, 911 call happens

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In Superman comics, Bizzaro is the upside-down version of Superman. Bizzaro's "S" shield is backwards, he mostly speaks backwards and in his home world down is up, up is down left is right and so foth.

This story that we came across on WMBF's site seems to be right out of Bizzaro World. A 911 recording was just released from mid-June of this year and in it a woman calls 911 on herself. Her husband, she says, wants her to go to jail because she slapped him for refusing to have marital relations.  

Make sure to head on over to WMBF News' site to read their write-up about this crazy story. And enjoy the police recording below. We wonder if this love starved woman was featured on Myrtle Beach Scene's MugShotMonday?

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