Kids go Jedi for self defense

Image by Flickr user JoelfImage by 20080930jedi.jpg Lightsabers: Classic gateway to geekness are now also a gateway to self-defense.

What could be cuter than seeing a bunch of kids with lightsabers training to ignore unwanted comments and persuasions?

Children gather on Saturdays at the Charleston Krav Maga studio to learn the way of the Jedi along with some basic martial arts moves.

These lessons are not teaching children to be offensive or aggressive but -- on the contrary -- they are being trained to defend themselves.

The Post and Courier reports:
Krav Maga encourages self-defense techniques under disadvantaged positions and worst-case scenarios, such as being pinned down or in danger. There are moves that teach you to defend yourself against multiple opponents when sick or dizzy or when you are trying to protect another person.

One important strength of the Jedi is the ability to harness the mind completely. These Krav Maga Instructors teach the children how to block out unwanted comments and persuasions. When a bully or a stranger is talking to them, and the children are able to ignore their words, these kids might stay safer.

Developed in Israel, Krav Maga's literal translation is "contact combat" and it is a unique method of hand-to-hand combat in which students learn the proper moves of defense in case of potentially dangerous situations.

Wikipedia reports:
Krav Maga ... assumes no quarter will be given, and emphasizes maximum threat neutralization in a "real life" context. It came to prominence following its adoption by various Israeli Security Forces.

To learn more about these progressive lessons of self-defense for children, head over to the Post and Courier.

Interested? Head over to their Web site and see their class schedule. (843) 416-8590.

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