Lightning strikes home, hits teenage boy inside (update: boy experienced flash, not actual strike)

Image by Flickr user thefost

Update July 13, 4:54 p.m.:

Live News 5 has corrected the earlier reporting stating that a teenage boy had been struck by lightning in his West Ashley home. It appears what the teen experienced was likely the effects of an electrical "flash," not an actual lightning strike.

A flash happens when a person is near an electrical current, but not actually hit with it. The proximity to the current results in anything from tingling to actually knocking a person off his feet.

First reporting:

One West Ashley family took felt the brunt of last night's thunderstorm when a lightning bolt entered their home through the chimney and struck a teenage boy inside.

There is no information on the boy's status today, but a report to the National Weather Service stated that an EMT treated him on site.

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