Love or something: you never know where you'll find it

Scanning Myrtle Beach's Craigslist's Missed Connections section can be touching and heartwarming at times but mostly, it's filled with LOLs and WTFs?

It turns out love, or missed chances for love could happen anywhere, from the Dollar General on Highway 90 to the Home Depot Paint Department

We've taken it upon ourselves to find some of the best our local Missed Connections sections has to offer and share them with you, our faithful Digitel readers. These selected Missed Connections are presented (mostly) without comment and as the original author intended -misspellings, bad grammar and all. 

Let's just dive right in shall we?

skeeters in conway- m4w - 22 (conway)

You caught me picking my nose and i said.....oh no it just itches...i really think your pretty and wanted to say more but you looked like you were offended by my nose really just itched...if this is you please tell me what finger i was using to pick my nose ooops im mean scratch.....if you dont have the nutsack to talk to the girl of your dreams but will run to the computer and hope she reads this then keep dreaming or wake up and talk to her.

346  Ted Nugent - m4w - 25 ( myrtle beach)

We met each other behind the buildin were the bus was at.. you was with your mom i think.>?? you were wearing a stripped shirt maybe blue and white???or green and white??? i let you use my marker but st. holmes had one by then.. if you see this hit me up.. you were very stunning

Jello lady at Daisy Dukes - m4w - 45 (MB)

Came into Daisy Dukes late Saturday night with 3 females and another male. Bought last 4 jello shots from you. I never do this but you are the most attractive lady i have saw since i got here, Didnt really talk to you but wish i had. If by some chance you see this drop me a email and i will send my pic and see if you remember me. Would love to see you again out of the workplace. Very sane, stable business owner and not a CL troll.

guy on 31 - 40 (myrtle beach hwy 31)

I saw you again. We need to get together. Nisson truck.
ive seen you twice in the past 2 weeks , you had your...

We can only give you a taste of this one considering we're a classy, PG-13, organization, so if you want to read the full text click on through -it is funny, odd and NSFW consider yourself warned...

poems for you my dear - m4w - 25 (MI,SC)

Missed Connections is also the perfect place for ones bad poetry to the one who got away...

xxx video store (n myrtle beach)

friday afternoon i took care of your needs. i gave the wrong phone number. contact me

Hopefully this was just in regards to ordering a video and they took down the wrong contact info?

Shot girl at fan tails - m4w - 22 (Conway)

Hello you worked Thursday night as a shot girl at fantails you were the hottest one in there you probably won't remember me but I was the skins fan from md if you read this please reply back

Look, even the shot girls at those clubs don't want to date the customers...

Bojangle's in Loris - m4w (Loris)

You took my order today at lunch. You said something about my tshirt I had on. You thought you offended me. I couldn't help but make eye contact with you after a few times. Of you see this and would like to chat. Email me back and tell me what shirt I had on. Hope to hear back from you.

CONWAY WAFFLE HOUSE - m4w (conway)

I sat down to eat and there was this pretty waitress her name starts with a- T - I really thought you were very sweet and kind didn't see no ring either SINGLE ?? If you see this drop me a line would love to get to know u better put your name in the subject line so I know its really you . Hope to hear from you !!!

Look, Bojangle's and Waffle House guys, if you know where the person works, is it really a Missed Connection? Go back and say 'hi' or don't if this is a stalking thing...

club boca sweetheart - m4w - 23 (myrtle beach)

This ones kinda long and I suppose sweet in a way, but really, how sweet can it be when the story involves a 'pole dancing station'

I know youll never see this. And truth is im not the type to do this either. But you were so kind and sweet in a place where people are either trying to get booty or sell something thay it really hit me. You were working next to the pole dancing station the first night i was there. I bought some shots for you for some snooty girls that ran just after that. We talked after that. And i found out that you worked two jobs and taught gymnastics (which certainly explained those sexy abs....i didnt know whether to be turned on or jealous).

Read the rest Here

Hot guy at Fox Den - m4m (Murrells inlet)

I came in tonight to get take out around 7pm.. I think we could have a dl good time. If u c this tell me what color swim trunks I had on. U were n red shorts.

347 a knight to remember - w4m (medieval times)

Oh dear god. I can't believe I'm doing this. 
You were the yellow knight. You signed a picture my nephew drew of you tonight. You gave me a flower. 
I doubt you'll see this. But seriously... If you do... Get in touch :)

Tall blonde - m4w (SSB)

I am a sucker for tall sexy blondes. Would love to make u feel like a woman and give u multiple "O's"....

This is another NSFW due to graphic language that is not appropriate to post and is sure to get all the "tall sexy blondes" to come running to this CraigsLister. Read his seducing post here, if you dare. 

Well, that's all the Missed Connections we found funny (and that we could share) for now. We'll keep scanning Craigslist for the funy, but please of you find something let us know by posting it below in the comments section or over on our Facebook page

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