Man files lawsuit over exorcism

A man, known in court filings as J. Doe, is suing the Catholic Diocese of Charleston over recordings taken of his exorcism. The man contends that the filming violated his right to privacy, and he is asking for all recordings that exist to be turned over to his possession.

From The Post and Courier's Adam Parker:

Doe had tried "to seek justice peacefully, within the Church and without resorting to legal action," for more than two years in an attempt to reclaim the recorded material or have it destroyed, according to the suit and attorney Larry Richter.

He also is seeking an injunction to prevent the diocese from using the recordings in any way, according to the suit. He wants a jury trial.

Diocese officials would not comment on the specifics of a pending case. Spokesman Steve Gajdosik, citing the private nature of exorcism, said only that "the Holy See encourages dioceses to take up this important role, process, program," and that to perform an exorcism, a priest requires special training that includes education and practical and spiritual experience.

You can view the court filings here:

Motion for temporary injunction — May 2, 2008
Order compelling mediation — June 3, 2008

An interesting case, to say the least ...

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