"Missed connections" are a special Halloween treat

"Missed connections" -- if you're not familiar with it you'll soon be bookmarking it. In theory it's a forum where people can have a second chance to reconnect after a wave went unseen or phone number lost.

In practice, it's far more amusing, even more so after you combine alcohol and costumes. I highlight a few of Charleston's gems from the past week.

Perhaps a bit cruel to point these out, but I'd rather think of it as "reality Internet."

One man connected with a stiff nipple, but not a phone number:
We were making eye contact all night, you introduced me to your ex husband...I am the guy that pointed out that your nipple was hanging out!... i know you wont see this but if u look here for some reason send me an email...i would love to see the other one!

And a "flesh-eating zombie" failed to get the name of hist towel romance:
Dear Towelie,

My friends say we made out at the Skinful Halloween party last Saturday night. I don't believe them. However, I don't believe a lot of things that I apparently did Saturday night... Anyways, there are SOMEWHAT incriminating pictures. They are not conclusive. All I remember is trying to squeeze your head out of the hole cut in the towel for your face... If you could help me fill in the gaps, so to speak, it would be ever so appreciated.


The flesh-eating zombie

Whether you saw a nipple or you felt an emotional connection with a stranger, check out Craigslist's "missed connections" link. Who knows? Someone could be looking for you.

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